Which gas companies offer the cheapest gas?

The best and cheapest gas to pay for the year is here.

Here are the best gas prices in the U.S. and Canada.

The latest data from the Department of Energy shows that gas prices have dropped more than 30% since January, but the decline in the cost of gas is more significant.

The Energy Department has reported a total of $1.1 trillion in savings for consumers from lower fuel costs, as well as more than $3 trillion in cost savings to the economy.

In January, the average price of a gallon of gas was $3.82, down from $5.27 in February, the Energy Department reported.

Gasoline costs fell nearly 5% from January through February.

The average cost of a liter of gas in January was $1,966.

The price of gasoline has fallen over the last two months, but it’s not just the price that’s down, but also the amount of gas the average consumer is paying for each gallon.

The lowest price of gas a gallon in January is $3,921, while the highest is $5,769, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Gasoline prices are also declining faster than the cost for new cars and trucks, the lowest price was $2.82 per gallon in February.

New cars are selling at record lows and trucks are making more and more money, the agency reported.

The price of fuel in January, at $3 per gallon, was $7,929.

That’s down from more than 20% a year ago.

Gas prices are up for every consumer in the country, according a report by the consumer group Public Citizen.

The group’s monthly Consumer Price Index shows that average household income increased by $3 more per month in January than it did in February in the wake of the recent drop in gas prices.

Gas prices are still $4 higher than they were before the recession in 2009.

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