The Aadhaar card fiasco: What happened to a promise to ensure universal coverage

Aadhaar is not a new concept, but it has been in the news recently, and its impact is yet to be felt.

This is because the Aadhaar card is the only way to ensure that every Indian, irrespective of income, is covered under the country’s universal health coverage scheme, and hence is also a prerequisite for the government’s ambitious target of having 100 per cent of India’s population covered.

The Aadhaar card was first introduced in the US in January 2017.

It was then followed by an Aadhaar card, which is the Aadhaar number of every Indian person and the one issued by the Department of Health, which was later phased out.

This was the first time in India that there was no such universal health cover under the programme.

In fact, the enrolment process was cumbersome and there were few cases of people being denied the right to enrol, but the Aadhaar scheme proved to be successful.

The Government has since started rolling out the Aadhaar enrolment and verification process in India, and the Aadhaar cards are now issued for everyone under the government scheme.

This means that if you want to buy a new cellphone or buy a car, you will be able to do so.

The rollout of Aadhaar was seen as a significant achievement by many, and it has created widespread confidence that Aadhaar will become a key component of India and help to provide universal coverage.

But there are some who doubt that the Aadhaar rollout has succeeded in providing universal coverage and even a semblance of universal coverage, and they claim that there is a problem with the enrolments process.

This has led some of them to question whether the Aadhaar system has actually been rolled out.

While it has proven to be a successful initiative, there are many who feel that it has not delivered universal coverage or at least a sense of universal access.

This concerns some people in the health care sector, who feel the Aadhaar program is too complicated and difficult to administer.

The Aadhaar enrolments and verification processes are complex, and this has led to a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety for people who want to enrol.

For instance, the Indian Medical Association (IMA), a leading medical lobby group, has raised concerns about how the Aadhaar verification process works and how it should be implemented.

According to Dr. Manu Suresh, a member of the IMA’s Executive Committee, the process of verification should be streamlined, so that the process is as straightforward as possible.

Dr. Sureshi, however, says the system is not simple enough and needs to be streamlined to make it easier to administer and people can use the cards as they wish.

“The process is very cumbersome and complicated.

We want to ensure there is not any inconvenience and we want people to use them as they like.

It’s not easy to manage,” he told The Hindu.

The IMA has also asked the Health Ministry to review the Aadhaar project and if it has gone in the right direction, the IM, which represents over 1.3 crore doctors in India and is the largest medical lobby in the country, will take it up.

Dr Manu was not surprised by the concerns raised by the IM.

“It is difficult to say if the Aadhaar programme has been a success or not.

The programme was introduced with such high expectations, but unfortunately there are still some serious issues that need to be addressed,” he said.

According to Dr Sureshot, there has been an increase in the number of complaints against Aadhaar enrolers, particularly by the lower middle class, who are worried about their privacy and lack of protection in the process.

“They have been complaining about Aadhaar and its problems.

The enrolment has been very slow and they are getting complaints every day, which are getting more and more alarming as the enroltion process gets faster,” he added.

However, Dr Suesh feels that the Government is taking the right steps to implement the scheme in a fair manner.

“There are a lot more details and problems to be worked out in the Aadhaar implementation process.

We are happy that the scheme is being rolled out and we hope it will be a success,” he concluded.

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