Why we’re worried about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on services provider providers

FourFourSeconds ago, we were informed that the coronavalcirus outbreak has been devastating to the health services sector.

However, as the outbreak continues, the number of hospitals and healthcare organisations experiencing significant staff shortages is increasing.

We’ve seen some of the worst affected health service providers, including the Victorian Ambulance Service, the Victoria Fire and Emergency Services, and the Western Australian Ambulances Service, all experiencing severe staffing shortages.

In an effort to improve the situation, the Victorian Government announced it will allocate $6 million to the Commonwealth Government’s Health Sector Strategic Fund (HSSF) in order to help businesses, hospitals, and health service provider services in the Victorian Capital Region, including hospitals and ambulances, find and recruit qualified staff to fill vacancies.

Health Minister Peter Dunne said the Government will use the HSSF to provide up to $4 million to health service operators, including those operating in regional areas.

“The funding will allow these organisations to hire up to 60 staff to help them find and retain qualified staff, as well as to recruit and train new staff,” Mr Dunne told FourFour.

“This will help ensure the Commonwealth can provide the resources necessary to meet the growing demand for medical care in the region, and provide certainty for patients and the health system in the longer term.”

Mr Dunne noted the funds will also be used to recruit new qualified staff and support existing staff to support the local community.

The Government has already committed $9 million to assist the Commonwealth in its response to the outbreak.

The Commonwealth has also set aside $4.5 million for the Regional and Local Government Association of Victoria, which has been tasked with the delivery of the $5 million Health Service Access Fund.

The $4 billion Health Service Action Fund is administered by the Government’s Regional and Regional Government Agency (RGGA).RGGA is responsible for delivering services to the regions of Victoria.

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