U.S. Payphone Service Providers Urged to Support Transgender People as ‘Vital’

By the end of the year, transgender people are set to become the majority of the U.K.’s population, according to a new survey that found a majority of companies were “fully in support” of transgender people and that a majority have already implemented policies or policies that encourage them.

The survey by GfK’s Global Equality and Diversity Report for the UK said that 79 percent of respondents in the UK, compared to 58 percent in the U, were in support of transgender rights, with the remainder supporting the rights of others.

“The majority of respondents (71%) believe that the legal recognition of transgender individuals should be a matter for the law,” the report states.

“In contrast, just 11% of respondents feel that transgender people should be treated as a group with equal rights, and 13% think that people should have the right to choose which medical treatment they want.”

The survey also revealed that in the United States, transgender individuals were not included in the transgender population as a separate category in the Gender Identity Survey, which is conducted annually by the U and the United Nations, and only the gender that is assigned to a person based on their birth sex.

The U.N. estimates that approximately 16 million people worldwide identify as transgender.

In Britain, the Gfk survey also found that a “clear majority” of companies are supportive of the transgender community, with 70 percent of companies surveyed “completely in support.”

Companies that were “committed to supporting trans-friendly workplace policies and practices” included “Vital, a leading provider of online and mobile payment services, as well as several other large international businesses.”

In the U., companies including British Airways, Barclays, BSkyB, BHELP, British Gas, BP, BP Passenger, Virgin Media, and Zopa have publicly supported transgender rights.

“We’ve worked hard to support our trans and gender diverse customers and customers of all ages, including trans women and men,” Virgin Media said in a statement, in a reference to a company that was recently acquired by BSky.

“It’s vital that our trans community get the support and recognition they deserve and deserve from everyone, including our customers.

We believe the only way we can build a better, more inclusive, safer world is to live up to our principles.”

As of 2017, the British Transgender Alliance (BTAA) had more than 1.5 million members in more than 200 countries and territories.

In 2018, BTAA had over 1.4 million members, according, and the number is expected to grow as the transgender movement gains momentum in the rest of the world.

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