How to use ‘HotSpot’ for the Hadoop database

Hotspot is an online database service provider that enables you to query the Hanoop database on any server.

You can use it for your own projects, and for others to query your data for you.

To start, you need to install Hotspot on your local computer.

Open a command prompt window and type: sudo apt-get install hotspot The command prompt will start with a prompt asking you which version of Hotspot you would like to install.

You will see a list of available versions.

If you have a Debian based system, you should see the most recent version of the system: sudo dpkg -i hotspot-latest.deb The command will ask you for your password to unlock the command prompt.

You should see a prompt that says “Ok, let’s begin”.

When the command completes, it will ask for your username and password.

If the command asks you to enter a username and a password, type them in.

If they do not match, you have to repeat the process.

After the command is completed, you will see the command line prompt.

Type the following commands in the command Prompt to begin with.

Hotspot  command: hotspot_info -d -c -a localhost:9200 -m localhost -p username:password This will print out a summary of the available servers.

The command is not required if you already have Hotspot installed.

If all goes well, you can now access the Hetoop database.

For the sake of this article, I am going to assume you have Hotspots servers running on both your local server and a remote server.

I will use the localhost server to get the results for this article.

Open the Hestop command prompt, and enter the following command: hotspots:localhost:9999 This command will show the list of all servers.

If we look at the results of the queries, we can see that each server is listed in a different column.

We can now get the list for each server.

For example, if we were to search for all the local servers, we would see that they are listed in the columns server-name,server-status,server IP address,server port,server user,server group,server username,server password.

To check out each server, type: ip addr show localhost This command shows all the IP addresses for the local server.

If it is not a network address, you would get the IP address of your local machine.

The result should look something like this:  1.2.2,0.0.2 1 3.1     This shows that all the servers have IP addresses.

Now, we need to see the results from the queries for the server.

We could do this by typing ip addr get localhost To check, we could type ip addr list localhost The command should return a list.

If this is the case, we are in the right place.

 We can now move on to the results that are returned by the query.

ip addr show servers This command gives us a list that contains all the server IP addresses that are available.

To see what the results are, type ip address show servers: ip address show localserver This command returns a list for all of the servers in the list.

To get a list with just the IPs, type in ip addr ping localserver.

If the command returns “No local server found”, you have not used the Hotspot database.

You have not accessed any servers.

We can see the server that is currently being queried by running the command: netstat  localhost -o netstat | grep localhost We can see all the information about the local host that was returned by this command.

The following command shows the information for all localhost servers.

You may need to enter your username if you have enabled password verification on your server.

netcat  localhost:9000 | grep LocalHost  show localhost 192.168.0/24  192.168

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