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The Federal Government is preparing to release a blueprint for how the healthcare sector should deliver on the promises made in the election campaign, the ABC has learned.

The blueprint was first published by the Department of Health on Monday, but the Government is still working out the details.

Key points:The Government will publish a blueprint to help manage the delivery of Medicare, with a focus on improving patient careThe blueprint includes key elements of the health system, such as doctors, hospitals and other providers and supports the delivery and management of MedicareIt will be made public in the coming weeksThe blueprint will include key elements including how to better manage the health systems delivery of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), which will help patients access healthcare, and the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee (MPAC), which provides advice on payments to health providers.

It will also outline how to ensure a robust and sustainable delivery of primary health services to patients.

The key elements in the blueprint are:The blueprint identifies key elements and how they can be improved and how to achieve a better outcome, with the aim of increasing the quality of care and improving patient outcomes.

“It is important that we ensure we are providing the most appropriate and efficient care and services for patients in all parts of the system,” Minister for Health Simon Birmingham said.

“We have worked hard on the implementation of the MBS, and we know we can do much more.”

The Government has set out a framework for the delivery, and I want to ensure that the implementation, is consistent with the policy objectives of this Government.

“Mr Birmingham said the blueprint was “not just a matter of ensuring we deliver the best possible care to all Australians”, but also the delivery on the election promise of “a better health system”.”

We want to improve the quality and efficiency of the care that we provide, so we need to be able to get the most out of that care, and that is what the Government’s blueprint is designed to achieve,” he said.

The Minister for the Public Service of Australia (PSA) said the plan would be a major step forward for the PSA.”

What I would like to see is a plan to provide the best and most comprehensive health system for all Australians and to make sure that people who are most at risk of dying have access to quality health care,” Mr Birmingham said on Monday.”

This will be a great thing for patients, for doctors, for hospitals, for health professionals, and for our public service.

“He said the Blueprint would also “help us make sure we have a system that is sustainable, that is able to cope with the cost of running our health system.

“Mr Gordon said the Government needed to work together with the public to deliver on their commitments.”

There are a number of issues that we have to address, but I think one of the most important things is to find a way to improve quality of health care for all of our citizens,” he told FourFourtwo.”

If we can find a pathway to do that, it will really help deliver on our election promises.

“The Blueprint will be published in the Federal Budget on Tuesday.


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