Israel’s ISP-to-be bids to buy Israeli ISP service provider for $150m

Israel’s Internet giant Israel Telecommunication Authority is in talks with a local telecommunications company to purchase the Israeli provider of DNS services, the Haaretz newspaper reported on Monday.

Netanyahu’s cabinet approved the plan to acquire Telco Telecom in December, and the cabinet approved a similar transaction last month.

Netanel, which owns the popular DNS service DNS, is currently owned by the Israeli government.

However, Telco owns the rest of its assets, including its internet infrastructure and the internet portal Italki.

Telco Telecom, which is part of Israel’s Telecommunications Authority, said it is currently in discussions with Telco for the purchase of the Israeli company, according to Haaretz.

A Telco spokesperson told The Jerusalem Report on Monday that it is not immediately possible to comment on the matter.

Netania, which operates the Internet portal ItALKi, did not immediately respond to The Jerusalem Times’ request for comment.

The deal with Telcos would be the largest purchase in Israeli telecommunications history, with it expected to have a value of more than $150 million, Haaretz reported.

Telcos, whose businesses are dominated by their internet service provider services, currently provide about a third of all Internet traffic in Israel.

Netanyas internet service providers offer access to the internet, but they also operate other internet service platforms, including their own DNS, DNS, and DNS server companies.

The Israeli government also owns the majority of the shares in Telco’s parent company, Telesystems, and has a long-standing relationship with Telesco, which provides Telesite telecommunications infrastructure and also sells its network services.

NetANYA’s CEO Eitan Bialik, however, has criticized the current state of Israeli telecoms, saying Telcos are failing to meet the telecommunications needs of the population.

NetANDA, meanwhile, has been critical of Telcos’ approach to the Israeli telecom market, saying it is a market where Telcos should be investing in the most advanced technology, Haavara reported.

NetANI was launched in 2007, and it provides Internet access services to around 2 million Israelis, according the country’s telecommunications regulator.

Telos is Israel’s third largest telecom company.

Tel Aviv University’s Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Israel Institute of Technion, which are part of the Technion University, are also part of Telco, with the latter specializing in telecommunications technologies.

Telcom is one of the main providers of internet connectivity in Israel, with its network serving the Tel Aviv International Airport and the southern part of Jerusalem, the city with the largest concentration of Tel Aviv residents.

NetANA, Telcos main competitor, offers Internet service in Israel’s rural areas, as well as in urban areas.

Netani is also the operator of Telesat and Telesats’ main online services.

Telesat is the countrys largest and most widely used Internet service provider.

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