Google’s Gmail service provider is getting into the UK market

Google’s new service provider, Gtt, has acquired email service provider Hubspot. 

Gtt has been around for a while now, and is a Google product and service. 

Hubspot is a UK based provider of email service, and Google says it’s “working to bring Gmail to more customers in the UK”. 

It’s unclear whether or not Gtt has a presence in the US, or if it will be part of Google’s wider plan to expand its email service offerings to other countries. 

This acquisition follows a number of other deals that Google has made recently in the email market, including its $300m acquisition of Evernote. 

There are also a few other deals with smaller players that could also see Gtt enter the UK. 

Google recently made the announcement that it was acquiring Mailbox, a company that offers a cloud-based email service for a small number of users. 

Mailbox was acquired by Google in December, with Google now controlling 80% of the business. 

The Mailbox deal is a sign that Google is planning to bring its email offerings to a wider audience, but it’s unclear how many of its customers will actually be able to sign up for this service.

Hubspot was acquired last year by Dropbox, and it’s a cloud based email service.

Dropbox is currently owned by Microsoft, and the deal will see the two companies’ email platforms merging. 

Dropbox was founded in 2008 and was the second biggest email service company in the world, with more than 5.6 million active email subscribers at the time of its acquisition by Microsoft. 

At the time, Dropbox had a market cap of more than $3bn. 

It was founded by three developers from India, but now has a much smaller team. 

Its customers include Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. 

More recently, Google acquired e-commerce giant Amazon’s e-retail business, and has said that it’s also looking to acquire other e-tailers and cloud services. 

In terms of how many email customers Google will actually have, the company says it plans to grow “to meet growing demand for high-quality, scalable, and high-value email solutions”. 

But it’s not clear whether or if the acquisition of Hubspot will help bring that demand to a more localised level. 

And as well as the acquisition by Google, the UK government has also recently announced a deal with Hubspot to help it set up its own e-mail service.

Hubspot has been in existence for more than a decade, and was acquired earlier this year by a company called Microsoft.

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