How to identify service providers who sell child care and foster care services

A family in South Dakota was shocked when they noticed a sign outside their front door.

“The sign was very specific to that business and the business was called Foster Care Services Inc.,” said Lisa Loy, a spokesperson for the South Dakota Department of Human Services.

The company was fined $50,000 last year after they violated the state’s foster care laws.

The family had been searching for foster care and adoption services for a baby who needed to be placed with foster parents.

“When we called the company, we were told that the child was taken from us and then we found out that there were no foster homes, and no adoptive homes available,” said Loy.

Foster Care Services has been around for decades.

But it’s now become an online service that helps families find and adopt care.

“We’ve been trying to do more with foster care, with adoption, but the state is really slow to do that, so we wanted to start a business that’s more efficient,” said Mike Kornick, the founder of Foster Care.

But the company isn’t just about fostering kids.

It’s also about helping families make ends meet, and it offers services to foster care families and adoption families alike.

“Our goal is to be a full-service provider, that we can provide that services to families in need,” said Kornik.

The Department of Public Health says Foster Care is a part of a growing trend.

They say online services like Foster Care are now available to more than 3 million families in the state.

Loy says she hopes the agency will take more action against Foster Care, but she is concerned about the future of the online business.

“There’s not enough oversight.

We’re a very small business, so it’s hard for us to do what we do,” said Loretta.

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