Mobile phone service provider in Russia is facing a threat from US spy agency

Russian telecoms company Rostelecom has been ordered by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to block all calls to and from the US and Canada for two months starting February 23, the Russian Federal Service for Civilian Preparedness (FSK) said in a statement.

Rostelecom was ordered to suspend the services of all Russian citizens for the next three months and to provide the US government with “all necessary technical and operational support” to comply with the order.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday issued an order barring RosteleCom from offering VoIP, video calling and messaging services to any US customers, and blocking its mobile phone service.

Russia has said it will comply with both US orders, which came after a court in the United States granted the company temporary immunity from the FSK order.US President Donald Trump on Sunday accused Russia of meddling in the US election by hacking the Democratic National Committee and releasing stolen emails and other material to help his opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Rosenberg also said on Monday that Russia would likely ask the European Union to impose sanctions on the country, a move that would likely lead to sanctions from the bloc, which is a former Soviet republic.

The move to block the communications of the Russian president, who has close ties to Moscow, has come as part of a diplomatic effort to defuse tensions between Washington and Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.ROSTELLECOM’s CEO, Dmitry Kiselyov, said in the statement that the Russian government will work to avoid disrupting Russian business, and that Rosteleam will continue to work in cooperation with the US authorities.

‘Dreaded’ Uber has denied rumours it is about to be acquired by SoftBank

A major media and technology firm has claimed Uber has been “hired” by Softbank for its ride-hailing services and that the company’s “very existence” could be in jeopardy.

SoftBank has been trying to acquire Uber for about five years but has had its plans questioned by investors. 

In a tweet, the company said: “Uber’s existence is not in question at this time.”

The article has been updated to reflect that SoftBank has “been trying to purchase Uber for several years” and that Uber “has been working with a number of partners and stakeholders to further expand its services”.

In an interview with Reuters earlier this month, SoftBank’s general manager Hiroshi Mikitani said the company “could not exclude the possibility of Uber” entering into a deal.

However, Uber has refused to confirm or deny Mikitano’s claims, saying the company has no plans to make such a deal and that Mikitanis report is “completely inaccurate”.

SoftBank acquired Uber from a consortium of Chinese internet firms in 2014 for $62 billion.

It said it would not be entering into any deals with Uber and has said it will not be moving into Uber’s core business.

We are currently working with several partners and entities to expand Uber’s services and we continue to explore all opportunities.”

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