How to avoid becoming a ‘fonejopper’ in the cloud and other issues

A new breed of service provider that is popular in the enterprise has recently emerged, but it has its own set of issues and caveats.1.

A ‘fee-for-service’ model that does not have to pay for anything2.

No free trials or credits3.

No enterprise level monitoring4.

No full-featured mobile apps5.

No ability to ‘live stream’6.

No remote data access to manage your services and devices7.

No built-in data recovery tools8.

No integration with third-party data recovery software9.

No cloud-based storage options10.

No data protection services11.

No ‘cloud-based’ backup plans12.

No support for mobile device authentication13.

No automated billing and payment services14.

No customer support15.

No paid support16.

No aero features17.

No virtual reality features18.

No mobile web browser support19.

No app-level support20.

No email or SMS integration21.

No network monitoring22.

No access to your own devices23.

No device management24.

No real-time reporting25.

No dedicated server support26.

No managed apps27.

No live streaming support28.

No analytics or monitoring tools29.

No web-based management tools30.

No secure browsing31.

No integrated security features32.

No advanced data storage features33.

No VPN or data security solutions34.

No user-facing analytics and monitoring tools35.

No third-parties providing ‘security services’ to your data36.

No consumer-facing monitoring tools37.

No smart contract and token storage solutions38.

No end-to-end security solutions39.

No offline monitoring or security analytics solutions40.

No intelligent home automation or security systems41.

No automation or smart home monitoring services42.

No security services for your home or office43.

No service-level billing and support44.

No hardware and software support45.

No software-defined networking services46.

No “managed” apps and services47.

No server-side application management (SaaS)48.

No desktop apps49.

No local storage50.

No corporate cloud-computing solutions51.

No services and device management software52.

No apps that are specifically designed for use with enterprise-level data protection tools53.

No self-service cloud-hosting54.

No applications that are not hosted on your own network55.

No fully-automated or cloud-managed data recovery services56.

No non-voluntary agreements for data backup, recovery, and recovery services57.

No subscription-based data backup service (SDL)58.

No shared data backup and data recovery solutions59.

No business-as-usual data recovery and recovery (BAR) service60.

No AWS data protection for enterprise data protection solutions61.

No mandatory data recovery of data and business-level recovery of business-related data62.

No pre-shared data backup for data security and business security-related purposes63.

No automatic data recovery for data and service-related reasons64.

No standard-level or automatic data protection of data protection information65.

No flexible data protection that is based on data security or business-specific data protection requirements66.

No unlimited data backup or data recovery plans67.

No zero-day data protection schemes68.

No proprietary data recovery schemes69.

No fixed-price data backup schemes70.

No high-bandwidth data recovery scheme71.

No limited data backup scheme72.

No large-scale data backup Scheme73.

No low-bandloss data backup74.

No encrypted data backup75.

No custom-made data backup77.

No distributed data backup78.

No continuous data backup79.

No backup that is not a part of the standard data backup framework80.

No online backup service or subscription service81.

No private data backup of enterprise data that is used only to protect and manage data, or only to manage data to a business-sensitive level82.

No commercial data backup83.

No government data backup84.

No public data backup85.

No small-scale or unstructured data backup86.

No centralized data backup87.

No global data backup88.

No personal data backup89.

No internal data backup90.

No unstructures or unencrypted data backups91.

No sensitive data backup92.

No confidential data backup93.

No classified data backup94.

No secured data backup95.

No information and business data backup96.

No administrative data backup97.

Data security and protection of corporate and personal data98.

Data protection of information and financial data99.

Data management and management of information 100.

Data storage and storage management101.

Data analysis and data storage of data, information, and business assets102.

Data processing and storage of information103.

Data retrieval and storage, information retrieval, and storage processing104.

Data distribution and data delivery for information105.

Data and information management106.

Data collection

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